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Pacific Private Bankとは

Pacific Private Bankは、太平洋の国際金融センターであるバヌアツで1997年に設立されました。今年で設立21年目にあたります。 幅広い専門知識と専門家ネットワークにより、個人に合わせた高いレベルのサービスを提供、投資ソリューションを開発提供を行う次世代型銀行です。革新的なソリューションに情熱を注いでおり、FinTechと高品質なパフォーマンスに焦点を当ています。

About Pacific Private Bank

Pacific Private Bank is a full-service bank that was founded in 1997 and registered in Vanuatu, an international financial center in the Pacific. Its geographical, economic, tax, and legal environment s favorable to protect capital for foreign investors.

Our focus is to provide services to wealthy, private clients from around the world. With a specialization in wealth and asset management, our bank develops and offers tailored investment solutions. We accommodate to the individual objectives of every customer by providing personalized private banking services.

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